WCKCC Pine Mountain Club Meet March 24/25, 2007
Join us for a weekend in the local Southern California Mountains.  We'll be driving some beautiful roads, in areas you completely miss if you stay on the Interstate.

Saturday, we will be starting out from Pine Mountain Club at 9:00 AM heading toward the little mountain community of Frasier Park. We will stop in Lebec at the Best Rest Inn to pick up additional folks at 9:30 AM.

Continuing down through Gorman and past Quail Lake, the real fun starts on N2-Ridge Route Rd, with its series of quick turns and beautiful scenery, connecting to Pine Canyon Rd through the peaceful communities surrounding the Hughes and Elizabeth Lakes, running right along the San Andreas Fault Zone.

Then it's down the mountain through Green valley into the San Fransisquito Canyon.  We'll stop and take a look at the historic site of the March 12 1928 dam failure.  Then, we'll continue on down the Canyon, following the path of the 180 foot wall of water, ending in Saugus where we will be having lunch at the Saugus Cafe
"The Saugus Cafe has been in business since 1887. It was open 24 hours as far back as at least 1938 and still is today. They serve great food and have many old photos of the Santa Clarita Valley on the walls. This is the oldest operating restaurant in Los Angeles County." Source: Santa Clarita Valley Resources website

After lunch we will stop in briefly at the Saugus Train Station Museum where they have some exhibits on the San Fransiquito Dam.

We will continue following the path of the flood waters from the dam break as they head down the 126 to Santa Paula, where we will pick up highway 150 and cruise through the California Mountains to Ojai. Then head up the 33 to Lockwood Valley Rd., and finally back to Pine Mountain Club.  Where we'll have dinner on your own at one of the several local restaurants which include a wood pit smoked rib joint.

Sunday's run will take us out Cerro Noroeste Rd to the 33 and back down to Ojai for lunch at the nationally renowned Susanne's, which some of you will remember from our Ventura meet. After lunch we will say our goodbyes and break off into our return groups for the trip home.

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