West Coast Kappa Car Club Meeting Minutes

Date & Time:


8:05 pm Meeting Call to order

Welcome Message:

Welcome and Introduction by Kevin Rye and Vincent Cordrey

Club Name selection:

Prior to name suggestions, there was a discussion about the scope of membership for the club.  Consensus was reached that the members present preferred to include the Sky Roadster and other vehicles based on the GM Kappa platform.  This focus advised the name nominations.

There was also discussion of whether or not this would start as a regional club or try to be a national club from the gate.  Vincent Cordrey encouraged that the club start as a regional club, then after it is established, it could work on a national structure.  Consensus was achieved to focus the club on West Coast members with national structures to be defined at a later time.

Nominations of names and votes:

The names suggested by open nomination for the first round were:
The numbers in parenthesis were the number of votes received in the first round of voting.
After the vote, additional discussion suggested adding the word "Car" to the selected name.  A second vote was taken between the two proposed names:
The numbers in parenthesis were the number of votes received in the second round of voting.

Bylaws Preview & Discussion:

Following the Bylaws Highlights handout, a preview of the direction and spirit of the bylaws was conducted by Kevin Rye and Vincent Cordrey.


Kevin Rye presented his vision for the objectives of the club.  After some discussion, that message began to look something like:
A social organization that will organize and promote events for members that create excitement, camaraderie and fellowship.
That message will be further refined by the Board of Directors.
Also mentioned were discounts on after market parts, high performance driving events, cruising,  and "driving & dining" events.

Club Structure Side Discussion:

A question was raised as to why the club needed to have a formal structure, as opposed to just continuing with events organized in the same manner this first event, mostly by forum posting and email, rather than collecting formal dues.  Vincent Cordrey explained that a formal club could incorporate as a non-profit organization and would also be able to then get liability insurance for such events.  Consensus was achieved to form a formal non-profit organization.  We will attempt to keep costs low using electronic distribution whenever possible.

Membership & Dues:

There was a discussion about the dues, and a suggestion that the dues be assessed per household.  Consensus was achieved for $20 annually and per household membership.  Dues can be raised or lowered by a vote of the membership.

Officers and Directors:

Rather than direct election to specific offices, the club will elect a Board of Directors.  That Board of directors will then select the officers from its ranks.

Remaining Bylaws Highlights:

Quorums and frequency of meetings were also discussed.  Consensus was achieved that the next meeting would be in approximately 4 months.  There was a consensus that the meeting should be somewhere in the middle between North and South.  No precise venue was set.

There will be a review and comment period on the bylaws, prior to the next meeting.

Interim Board of Directors:

Nominations for an Interim Board of Directors were held, and four names were nominated (alphabetical order):
A vote of those present elected the Interim Board of Directors.  The board will meet and determine its internal structure.

Volunteers for Key Roles:

Volunteers were sought for some initial key roles.

Interim Goals:

  1. Board to establish its internal structure.
  2. Draft of bylaws for review and comment.
  3. Coordinate next meeting.

Possible Club Actions for Next Meeting:

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm.